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Miaou Cat Animal Hospital


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The best companions for guardians who lovingly care for and clean up after little feline children.

Certainly! Here’s the translation of the provided text:“The founder aspires to be at the forefront, safeguarding the health of feline stars, and is committed to preventing chronic diseases in cats. They provide the most professional care, allowing cats to have a better quality of life. Their goal is to become the most trusted brand in the hearts of cat lovers and the favorite animal hospital for feline friends.”



/ Project Impact

“Miaou Cat Animal Hospital” was founded by a group of outstanding young doctors dedicated to pet healthcare. With support from the Harbour Group, they successfully raised NT$10 million to establish the 18th specialized cat hospital in Taiwan.

This achievement will provide better healthcare services for cat lovers, improving the quality of life for their beloved pets.

/ 專案成效


/ Future Planning

The Harbour Group and “Miaou Cat Animal Hospital” will collaborate on a forward-looking future plan. We will continue market research and brand promotion to further enhance the visibility and influence of “Miaou Cat Animal Hospital” in the field of pet healthcare. Additionally, The Harbour Group will assist “Miaou Cat Animal Hospital” in expanding its business scope, including offering more medical services, enlarging the professional team, and enhancing medical technology expertise.

/ 未來規劃


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